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Professors against Learning

I don’t think I can go along with the hypothesis that many professors favor socialism because they were the “good kids” in their schooldays who got high grades but who eventually saw their less successful classmates better at ”real-world” activities like making money.  First, since I’d like to see the views of education, real education, upgraded in our society, and I’d like to see good people drawn to education, I don’t think I want to see our educators mocked in that way!  And second, maybe it’s more that these socialistic-minded fellows didn’t really like school and genuine learning because they didn’t like the thought of anything having authoritative claim on them.  Gerald Graff, for example, became a professor of literature but openly admitted that he disliked books when he was young and actually began to enjoy literature more after he came upon the deconstructive tools that enabled him to tear it apart and equate it in value to popular culture.  


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