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Here’s information about the documentary film Indoctrinate U. To support the film’s distribution, people need to signal their interest.

“People are starting to notice “the little documentary that could”. Since we launched the website less than a month ago, hundreds of thousands of people have seen the trailer for “Indoctrinate U”. And about 10,000 people have punched their zip codes into our Google Map to express an interest in seeing the film in their area. Not bad, considering we haven’t spent a dime promoting the film yet.
And while this is very encouraging, we’re going to need ten times that before Hollywood pays attention. We still need your help proving to Hollywood that there’s an audience for a film from a different perspective than the same old Michael Moore/Al Gore documentaries that distributors usually push. Hollywood doesn’t think you exist. Help us prove them wrong! If you think it’s important for the rest of America to find out about the real assault on free speech and free thought occurring on campuses all over the country, please forward this e-mail to your friends, your family, maybe your whole contact list if you’re so inclined.
Tell people that they can view the trailer here:

…and if they like what they see, they can express their interest by entering their zip codes here:

Every little bit counts!
UPCOMING MEDIA SCREENINGS On April 23rd & 24th, we will be holding a media screening at the Tribeca Film Center in New York City.”


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