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Public Service = The Gravy Train?

The number one play in the liberal playbook is giving people free stuff with taxpayers’ money. They have long noticed that quite a few people—perhaps a majority—will vote to defend a small benefit they can see over less direct policies that actually will benefit them much more. Any way people can be tied to the government means they are more likely to pull the lever for big-government liberals.

The student loan “crisis” is allowing them to triple down on such thinking.  First, they get to loan young potential voters large sums of money to go to school, whether they are going to benefit from more education or not—which makes them seem generous or compassionate. Then, after many of the young voters find those loans to be burdensome once the bill comes due, they are given ways to limit repayment—government to the rescue again.  

Even better—according to the liberal playbook—is permitting them to escape much of their payment by performing “public service” in the form of holding a government job—one more tie to the government teat.

The federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program has been around since 2007.  George Leef exposes the faulty rationale for this boondoggle here.

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