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Re: ‘Affirmative Distraction’

One more quick observation on the Carter piece; I’m no affirmative-action supporter, but for the sake of argument I’ll assume the position of one.
Carter’s thesis is that higher-ed affirmative action doesn’t help the poor, who often don’t finish high school, much less apply to college. But so what? If the goal of affirmative action were to help the poor, it would, um, help the poor instead of helping minorities regardless of class.
Rather, the Left’s drive for “social justice” isn’t limited to the poor. They often seek to level the playing field across class boundaries — remember, for example, Oprah’s fit over not being allowed into a high-end store after its closing time. To some, it’s very important that filthy-rich blacks get the same privileges as filthy-rich whites. (Even when, as in Oprah’s case, there’s no evidence at all that such privileges have been denied.)
If affirmative action gives middle-class blacks a leg up relative to middle-class whites, it’s still (supposedly) doing something to counteract past discrimination. 

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