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Re: College Declares Christianity Not a Religion

In today’s feature story at The College Fix, Meredith College freshman Julia Dent reports the latest on the UNC-Greensboro case. It appears religious liberty has once again fallen prey to the dictates of political correctness. University “non-discrimination” policies now mean that students’ rights to form and govern their own religious groups are threatened.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has determined that a Christian club called “Make Up Your Own Mind” isn’t religious, and in order for the club to be recognized by the university, it must allow students from other belief systems to become members and leaders. Alliance Defense Fund attorney Jeremy Tedesco filed a federal lawsuit on the club’s behalf on February 29…

“Saying that a Christian club isn’t religious is flatly absurd,” Jeremy Tedesco said, “especially when the university has granted its belief-based exception to numerous other clubs. The First Amendment forbids the government from determining what is and what is not ‘religious,’ yet the university is doing exactly this by telling a Christian group that it is not religious. The Constitution protects the right of all student groups to employ belief-based criteria in selecting their members and leaders.”

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