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Re: Disgruntled Law Students

Nathan, I’d suggest the real reason why New York Times article about law school was so popular for so long is that lawyers (and law students) are absolutely epic complainers. You can’t spend five minutes around lawyers before they launch into the litany of lamentations about their life and their job. At times, no one seems happy. But that’s because lawyers believe — to the core of their being — that their career should provide the following benefits: (1) a feeling that they are righting the wrongs of the world; (2) ample amounts of money; and (3) plenty of time with family.

Law schools stoke these feelings, of course, as their professors endlessly prattle on about social justice, administrators trumpet (fake) average starting salaries figures, and placement offices urge students to confront potential employers about “lifestyle” concerns. Idealistic (or aimless; there are a lot of folks who go to law school because they have no other life plan) students enter a world where — for three solid years — they are taught that they are special and unique snowflakes who have the power to change the world. But reality cares not for our dreams, and a life that combines purpose, prosperity, and play remains elusive.

Weep for us, Nathan, for the world is cruel.


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