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Re: A Few Thoughts about Hookup Culture

I believe the alpha-male designation is reductive and simplistic and not helpful. It does not take account of man’s higher nature and the full scope of human possibility. Drug dealers and pimps and mafiosi are alpha males. 

What I meant as unscientific was that the evolutionists changed the story when they observed changes in current female behavior, and they are not just observing the current scene; they are reading back from it into our supposed evolutionary history. They are just making things up to fit what they see of the current scene. There is no science involved. Remember, conservatives were interested in evolutionary biology because they thought it supported the idea of a given human nature and a natural basis for monogamy. That’s turning out to be a false prop.

Regarding the statistics Robert cites below, what was that about only 40 percent of college women hooking up? But granted, some of those numbers are encouraging. Still, marriage is supposed to be the norm. The extent of departure from it is what causes the problems, and that extent has grown with divorce, cohabitation, and illegitimacy, less among college graduates, true, but still enough to be a problem. Most college campuses have an ample representation of the offspring of divorced, affluent, college-educated parents. And aside from the personal choices of college graduates, is it far-fetched to suggest that the rampant disorder and sexual license of many college campuses, amply illustrated by the posts we’ve had on Sex Week at Yale, transmogrifies into the filth and perversity of much of our popular culture?

If the center holds, it’s holding because of cultural and religious formation of man’s higher functions, not because of anything the evolutionists are telling us. Given enough of the acid of their reductive, materialistic views of human nature, that center may erode further.

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