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Re: Hopkins

It’s great to see Anthony’s post on Hopkins, but FIRE’s other concerns about the school remain regrettably well-warranted. As the former editor of the Carrollton, the recent unpleasantness showcased several enduring difficulties. I was no longer running the paper when the last issue appeared, and frankly had some qualms about its cover photos use, but the University response was heavy-handed and clearly unreasonable. The University’s confiscation of copies in residences was entirely selective, and its subsequent citation of the necessity of obtaining permission to distribute in dorms spurious, seeing as other publications were left untouched.
Most troubling is the University’s insouciant indifference to paper theft, which arose as a problem long before the May issue. Distribution was always a maddening process, as copies would disappear suspiciously quickly. Over the years I heard assorted testament to this. However popular we might have hoped our paper was, the disappearance of over a hundred copies within hours on weekend evenings never seemed believable, especially when the same thing happened day after day. It’s enheartening to hear that the harassment charges have been dropped, but the paper continues to exist in a position that’s far less than favorable. Other campus groups, such as the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance, the Black Student Union, and OLE, the Hispanic student group live in perpetual favor, with guaranteed yearly grants, and other obvious preferments. The university certainly doesn’t stop at that. All this, while The Carrollton’s funding status remains ever in question and its distribution privileges still ephemeral. Oh well, at least there’s no harassment investigation; sure thanks to FIRE for that.


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