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Re: Links From This Morning’s Papers

I’m sorry to say, Fred, that Harvard isn’t the only school with a history of successfully faked admissions applications. A guy got kicked out of Yale for the same thing a couple of years ago. These stories make me wonder how many kids have managed to get away with this without ever being caught. Why don’t they verify the documents for admitted students?

As for your other point: Student/faculty sexual relationships still take place at Yale. I heard some very disturbing tales while I was there, involving a professor in his 70s and a female undergraduate, that I can’t repeat here without getting sued for libel.

The power disparity between a student and a professor (who can raise or lower a student’s grades, or provide valuable letters of recommendation) makes such relationships unethical in my view. There were already some similar regulations on the books at Yale. But these kinds of rules are difficult to police, for obvious reasons.

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