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Re: In Loco Parentis

Carol makes a good point in her post below that the very nature of the Duke Lacrosse party, fueled by alcohol and festooned with strippers, was problematic. But perhaps we should not be so quick to call for the return of universities acting in loco parentis.
To begin, the Duke incident did not involve fraternity members at an on-campus fraternity house. Rather, the party was attended by varsity athletes at a private, off-campus house. As adults, the lacrosse players were well within their rights to hire adult entertainment, even if we find that entertainment morally repulsive. (Although you might argue that, as members of the lacrosse team, they ought to have been bound by the discipline of their coach.)

But, generally speaking, giving today’s universities more coercive power over the moral development and behavior of students is probably not something that most conservatives should support, given the prevailing leftist political climate of most campuses. As FIRE has pointed out:

Far from merely being concerned with the education of young men and women, university administrators today intrude into virtually every realm of campus existence

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