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Re: Silly USA Today Editorial

I just thought this line deserved quoting:

That says high-scoring Asian students face higher admissions hurdles, but it does not necessarily prove discrimination.

I don’t need to explain the obvious stupidity here, but I think it also shows the bad rap the word “discrimination” is getting these days — people seem to think all discrimination is inherently bad. USA Today likes this kind of discrimination; therefore, it’s not discrimination.
I remember, in a discussion section of the one sociology class I subjected myself to in college, we were asked to define the word. Mine was something like “recognizing differences between two things, and basing one’s actions on those differences.” That really offended some people, as it wasn’t “negative” enough. When I pointed out that to buy apples instead of oranges at the supermarket, I have to discriminate between them, my peers decided that this must not actually be discrimination.

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