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Reader Mail re: Sheepskin

Too much education in job requirements? Magic wand available here:
I suggest that employers be taxed based upon (a) the level of education specified in job descriptions and advertisements, and (b) the level of education possessed by persons actually hired to do the jobs, regardless of job need. For the latter, there might be an exemption for persons above a certain age or with a certain length of work history in any job, so that retirees could do simple service jobs (as they do now, in Florida and elsewhere).
The tax would of course be applied to funding public education. The more you want, the more you pay for it.
That would move the incentive from the students to the end users, namely the employers.
The tax would equally apply if the employers used privately educated employees, or imported labor educated in other countries.
Should the tax be state, or federal, or both? To be determined.
What’s that, you hate new taxes? Instead grant tax credits in reverse of the amount of education used.
– Robert Allgeyer

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