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The Reality of the Youth Vote

I really want to lay my displeasure with the results of the election at the feet of the education system for failing to teach civics, for failing to cover both sides of major issues, and for spending precious class time on fashionable, left-leaning topics like sustainability. But I fear that educational reform is best left as a long-term goal. There is a more immediate problem for Republicans.

As I step back, I tend to agree with Herman Cain. President Obama prevailed nationally because he was “more popular than his opponent,” not because his supporters were in step with his positions. Mitt Romney’s iPod playlist may have hurt him in the general election more than we realize.

Yes, fixing higher education will produce a more knowledgeable electorate, but not without also addressing the cultural shift that was quite evident last night. If conservatives want to compete nationally, younger voters need to hear (in a catchy way) that “it’s cool to be a Republican.”  

It’s never to early to start that movement. 


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