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Reassuring Reminder

Mary Eberstadt has an excellent piece in the latest issue of the Weekly Standard, criticizing a new study by the American Federation of Teachers denying the existence of a left-leaning bias on college campuses. The piece has just enough acerbic wit to undercut the apparently straight-faced claims of the AFT, however absurd those claims seem to those outside the bubble of higher education.
It is good, every once in a while, to see gentle reminders that bias on college campuses is very much existent. At elite colleges and universities, it’s no longer a matter of professors shouting down conservative students with whom they disagree. Rather, bias is ensconced within the official practice of many academic disciplines—those that encourage “social justice,” “tolerance,” or what have you. To see Eberstadt’s reminder of such on-the-ground realities is, at least a bit, reassuring.


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