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Religion’s Upswing on Campus

A New York Times article today tackles the subject–quoting an oft-cited 2004 study that reported 80% of freshmen believe in God, and mentioning that more and more students are taking courses in, or majoring in, Religion.

Interesting stuff, I suppose, though not wholly a good thing. It’s amazing what can be fit into a ‘religion’ class–in my experience, they’re lite courses more akin to Women’s or Black Studies than to Philosophy or History. 
If you’ve not got your chortles for the day, I recommend perusing the course description for Harvard’s “Religion 16: Religious Dimensions in Human Experience” to see what I mean. 

Travis Kavulla is director of Energy and Environmental Policy at the R Street Institute. He is a former president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners who held elected office as a Montana public service commissioner for eight years. Before that, he was an associate editor for National Review.