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Repugnant Speakers

The campus left’s infatuation with those who have a record of ties to terrorists shows no signs of dwindling. Two of the latest examples:

A former leader of the violent left-wing activist group the Weather Underground gave a lecture this week to education students at State University of New York-New Paltz, reports the New York Sun. William Ayers, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, was a founding member of the group that bombed the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon in the 1970s.
And Cinnamon Stillwell relates that radical-leftist attorney Lynne Stewart will be addressing a forthcoming teach-in at New York University. Stewart is best known for having been convicted in 2005 of providing and concealing material support of terrorism by sneaking messages from her imprisoned client Omar Abdel-Rahman to members of the terrorist group Gama’a al-Islamiyya.
Ayers appears to have gotten by without having to address his past connection to the Weather Underground, and the NYU teach-in announcement bills Stewart simply as a lawyer who represents “unpopular clients” and a victim of “recent political oppression.”
That campuses continue to affiliate themselves so uncritically with such persons is beyond perverse.


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