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Robertson v. Princeton

As widely reported, the Robertson Family is locked in a battle for control of the Robertson Foundation with Princeton University. The following is a communication to me from Seth Lapidow, the lawyer representing the family: 

I have the honor to be New Jersey counsel for the family in this action.  The battle rages on and on as Princeton does everything in its considerable power to avoid a day of judgment in a court of law.  The first step on that road is finally being taken.  On November 28 and 29 the parties will argue the long pending summary judgment motions to the Court. One of the most interesting arguments in those motions is Princeton’s argument (created out of whole cloth) that, because the Robertson Foundation is a “support organization” of Princeton under the IRS regulations, Princeton owes no duty to the Foundation and can use its 4/3 control of the board to do whatever it wishes.  Remarkably, Princeton argues that no matter how much it has lied, cheated and stolen, no court has the power to deprive Princeton of the benefits of the gift to the Foundation.   The very notion that Princeton is the beneficiary of the gift, and not merely conduit by which the benefits flow to the U.S. government, speaks volumes about Princeton’s mindset in this case.


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