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Say Nothing to Nooses

John McWhorter has a brilliant suggestion for what to do about nooses appearing on campuses or in other public places.  Ignore them!  Quietly take them down perhaps, but then walk away, say nothing!  All the attention is only encouraging the pranksters.   As he writes,

Some bored little piece of trash hangs a noose one morning, and spends the rest of the week watching his deed make national news on the internet and get discussed on the top talk shows. He and his friend do a high-five, while some similarly minded web-surfing scum across the country decides he wants to do someting like that too.

McWhorter recommends greeting other types of racist pranks with the silent treatment as well.  Good old fashioned wisdom.  Withdraw the attention and these nasty things will likely diminish, since getting attention is the reason behind them.    


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