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Search Tied to USF Students

This past weekend, according to a FOX 13 report, investigators searched a home in the Tampa area in connection with the earlier arrest of two University of South Florida students, Ahmed Sherif Mohamed and Youssef Samir Megahed. The students were arrested and charged with possession of an incendiary device after being stopped by police for speeding.  
The purpose of the search, the authorities stated, was to look for ties linking the men in the home to the USF students. The investigators found long sections of PVC pipe, bags of evidence, a suitcase – and a connection between the men arrested in South Carolina, and the men who live in raided house.   
And here’s another intriguing angle of the search:    
The residence is registered to Noor Salhab, who, though he owns the searched house, actually resides in a nearby house – which is owned by Sameeh Hammoudeh, a co-defendant in the trial of Sami Al-Arian. (Al-Arian is of course the former USF professor who was acquitted on most charges of funding terror-related organizations. He pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to provide services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.)   

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