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Serious Students Shouldn’t Take Women’s Studies

Don’t miss Carrie Lukas’ piece on women’s studies over on the NRO homepage today.  As Carrie explains, women’s studies courses are not academically rigorous and have a blatant political agenda.  Carrie writes:

[Women’s studies courses] tend to abandon rigorous analysis in favor of consciousness-raising exercises and self-exploration. One textbook explains that women’s studies “consciously rejects many traditional forms of inquiry, concepts, and explanatory systems; at the same time, it is developing new and sometimes unique traditions and authorities of its own.” Those “unique” traditions include providing students with “credit for social change activities or life experience, contracts of self-grading, diaries and journals, even meditation or ritual.”

In other women’s studies news, a Bucknell professor recently brought this advertisement to my attention.  The ad is yet another example of the politics disguised as scholarly work that permeates women’s studies.  But at least it means that students had enough sense not to sign up for the class.


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