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Sex and Loans

I object when liberals who promote relativism suddenly express dismay in the face of particularly egregious misbehavior. But maybe it’s worse when they really follow through with their nihilism. It was startling to hear what local broadcaster Donny Deutsch had to say with regard to the news that young women are hooking up with older men to exchange sex for payment of their college loans. He thought it perfectly fine. When asked if he would like to see his daughter do that, he said that she would not have to because of her higher socioeconomic status, but that for women of lower means, he thought it was fine. Pressed by his co-commentators to show more democratic spirit, he added that if his daughter were at a reduced socioeconomic status, unlikely to happen, it would be fine then too. It was really cringe-making to see a man reveal such an absence of values so absolute.

Editor’s note: This piece has been amended since its original posting.


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