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California’s Crusade Gets Crazier Still

Washington Examiner writer Ashe Schow has been doing great work in showing the utter unfairness of the mania for campus sexual assault policies that take a “guilty until proven innocent” approach. In this column, she looks at the latest absurdity out of (naturally) California. “We knew,” she writes, “that one day colleges would notice that there was only one way for students accused of sexual assault to defend themselves and that the colleges would make that defense itself a violation of policy.”

If you have to prove that the encounter was perfectly consensual, why not make a video recording? That would seem logical, but now the University of California’s Title IX officer Kathleen Salvaty says that a student who does that could be expelled for doing so.

“These schools,” Schow writes, “don’t provide accused students with the means to defend themselves (ad are now actively punishing them for providing the only evidence they could possibly present in their favor) and then want to impose mandatory minimum sanctions. Schools in California are railroading students and then ruining their lives without any care for the truth or due process.”

True, but crusaders never care about all the collateral damage they inflict.


George Leef — George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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