Phi Beta Cons

Sheryl Crow, Global Warming and Cold Campus Cash

Although the recent Stop Global Warming concert featuring Sheryl Crow and friends at George Washington University was advertised as a free event, a university official has informed me that GW spent an estimated $21,000 on production costs, including “staffing, security, on campus promotions and light hospitality.”
No word yet on how many squares of toilet paper were included in “light hospitality.” 
This is just another typical example of how university administrators bankroll left-wing causes with tuition dollars or money taken from student fees.  It’s embarrassing that my soon-to-be alma mater wasted students’ money, so celebrities could bloviate about how students should “urge the country to freeze or reduce carbon emissions on a national scale by bringing the issue to their legislators.”
Wouldn’t a serious academic institution host debate between Al Gore and Bjorn Lomborg or MIT’s Richard Lindzen?  Oh, wait, silly me.  If I’ve learned anything in my four-years at GW, it’s that I’m not supposed to question authority figures—especially when those authorities are aging hipsters.