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Show Me the Money

University administrators are said to be delighted over Election Day results in which Democrats took over the governorships of several states–they now control 28 of them, and their party also gained more than 320 seats on the state legislative level–because they assume Democrats will be more supportive of higher-education spending. But is this true? The numbers seem to tell a different story, according to the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

A Chronicle analysis of data collected by the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State University, shows that over the past 10 years, growth in higher-education spending in states with Republican governors largely mirrored annual percentage increases in those led by Democrats.
“How much difference will the Democrats make?” asks Paul E. Lingenfelter, executive director of the State Higher Education Executive Officers, which represents states’ top higher-education officials. “The short answer is, not very much.”

John J. Miller, the national correspondent for National Review and host of its Great Books podcast, is the director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College. He is the author of A Gift of Freedom: How the John M. Olin Foundation Changed America.


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