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Michael Berube’s What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts, which downplays conservative criticisms of Liberal academic bias (What bias?), has attracted predictable plaudits–and translations–from the left. 

Concerned citizen Chris Clark  reported reading something in Scientific American concerning declining literacy: turns out that as many as a third of Americans can be considered illiterate.  

Of course, my first thought in reading this disturbing news was concern for Michael’s book. It’s a complex book, what with its references to literature and politics and academia and such, and likely to be intimidating at first glance to conservative readers or to others who are at all insecure about their literacy.


This cannot, obviously, be allowed to stand. Something must be done, I thought, to promote Michael’s wonderful book to a new audience.

So he produced a sort of Maoist graphic-novel version, which certainly reassured me about my literacy.


Dialogue excerpts:

“If I might offer some constructive criticism” said Chanterelle, “I heard you blame Bush only twice in today’s class.”  

“Tomorrow we’ll blame Bush more intensely,” said Mei-Ling.

Oh yes: Exactly as we suspected.


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