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Soft-Peddling Sharia at Harvard

Andrew Bostom minces no words in reminding us that the Islamic system of law, Shariah, is incompatible with universal rights and in labeling Harvard the “hub” of Sharia in the U.S., as illustrated by a pro-Shariah lecture recently given on the campus followed by a professor’s pro-Shariah response.

Bostom is rightly fed up with the pernicious distortion of facts regarding Islam on campuses, which he piquantly denounces:

I have lost all patience with such fraudulent “presentations,” and their utterly ridiculous academic patina—they are pernicious. Mr [Khaled Abou] El Fadl [the speaker], and his equally deficient Harvard host Roy Mottahedeh [the tenured professor who allied himself with the speaker’s views] want nothing less than for our liberal democracy to willfully impose upon itself the Ur-Fascistic totalitarianism of Sharia. Only the most empty-headed buffoons, their minds melted away by ceaselessly and uncritically imbibing the cultural relativism that prevails in our “academy,” and “public discourse,” would even begin to entertain El Fadl’s premise. And yet there he was, at Harvard, no less, espousing such hideous ideas along with the dangerously ludicrous Mr. Mottahedeh, who endorsed them.


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