Phi Beta Cons

Some minorities are more equal than others

The Washington Post has an article today about a much recruited local academic star named William Chin.  Colleges are “tripping over each other to accept him” because he’s first in his class and scored 2000 on the SAT. 
Wait a minute, though.  There are Asian kids who score 2400 on the SAT and don’t get into Princeton, let alone get a special scholarship, etc.—as we know because one of them has filed a complaint with the Education Department.  Oh, wait, here’s the answer, mentioned in passing in the fourth paragraph:  “Although Chin’s father is Asian, his mother is African American, and he identifies himself as black.”
While the Post article talks over and over about how colleges are dying to admit qualified minorities, it of course neglects to mention that it’s only some minorities who are at a premium.  If you’re Asian, you don’t get special treatment—not special as in favorable, at least.