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Speak Freely But Listen, Too

A recent Williams College graduate supports free speech but asks his fellow free-speech supporters to listen to the concerns of the campus protestors. The essay appears on the Williams Alternative, a blog with opinions that often differ from the usual politically correct ones. Alex Sun ‘15 writes:

It’s not unfair for critics to point out that campuses seem to be dominated by “victim culture,” a value system in which righteousness is given to the alleged victim regardless of the presence or absence of any evidence against the alleged aggressor. The rape hoax debacle at UVA is a case in point.

But the truth about the Culture Wars isn’t a binary: “dictators in diapers” undoubtedly exist, but so do patterns of discrimination, social exclusion, and administrative bias.

In my view, well worth reading.

Jane S. ShawJane S. Shaw retired as president of the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education Policy in 2015. Before joining the Pope Center in 2006, Shaw spent 22 years in ...


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