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Stanford Law School’s ROTC Policy Illegal?

The Solomon Amendment denies colleges and universities federal funding if they do not permit ROTC to recruit on campus.

Playing games such as those segregationists engaged in to get around Brown v. Board of Education, says The New York Sun, the powers-that-be at Stanford Law School are heavy-handedly pressuring students not to meet with military recruiters. Also, 40 faculty members voice their “’hope’” in a letter “’that you who seek military service will arrange to meet military recruiters off campus.’”
The Sun opines that the latter “isn’t a whole lot different from an illegal policy of asking recruiters to meet with students off campus” and that this seems to be

a prima facie case of flouting the Solomon Amendment. So the test here is really of the Bush administration’s mettle. It needs to assert the Pentagon’s — and the taxpayers’ — standing under the law lest it and the Supreme Court of the United States be made a mockery by professors who, in theory, are teaching law.


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