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Stewart’s Freak Bash

Blogger Urban Infidel reports on mingling with guests – including Ward Churchill – at a party in honor of Lynne Stewart, the civil-rights lawyer who was convicted of helping her client, the murderous sheik Omar Rahman, to communicate from prison with his terrorist organization.
The celebration, which Urban Infidel says at times resembled “a horror movie or freak show,” was billed as “‘Ode to Joy and Struggle” in commemoration of the Court’s notoriously light sentencing of Stewart. (See for yourself here.) Expressions of joy including shouts of “F–k America” and “America is the enemy of the world.”
Vasko Kohlmayer, writing in Canada Free Press, comments:

The most troubling element of the spectacle was the obvious fact that its protagonists’ freakishness…[t]heir offensive language, their obscene gestures, their clothing and they way they carried themselves…[is] the result of willful choices.
…[T]heir self-imposed physical grotesqueness is merely an outward objectification of the moral depravity they so ostentatiously advocate. Homosexuality, gender fluidity, transvestitism, abortion, ethical relativism, multiculturalism – these are some of the causes these individuals have dedicated their lives to. There is no perversion so twisted that they would not indulge, embrace or celebrate…
But nothing could better epitomize their spirit than a couple of attendees who showed up clutching a blown-up photo of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a vicious cop killer who has been evading justice for more than twenty-five years. Even as they congratulate themselves on their compassion for an unregenerate murderer, they gloat over the bodies of little innocents mangled by a barbaric procedure which has become a sacrament to their liberal ideology.

Not accidentally, as Kohlmayer notes, the Stewart fete took place in a church, the better for attendees:

to laugh at and mock God – the great giver and guarantor of everything they rebel against. Believing that godlessness is the way to enlightenment, they proclaim there is no such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil. This is the most dangerous lie of our age and nothing could drive it home more forcefully than one look at that lamentable gathering.

Kohlmayer is right that this lie threatens civilization itself.


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