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Student Describes Sexual War Zone on Campus

A University of Michigan sophomore and self-described feminist has published a devastating critique of the “liberated” sexual culture on campus.

Suzy Lee Weiss writes in the New York Daily News:

During the first six weeks of my freshman year, I attended no fewer than four “safe sex” seminars. I’ve watched a sex educator slip a blue condom onto a dildo before a room of 200 18-year-olds; witnessed a 30-minute fight between a student and a peer advisor over whether a nod counted as consent; and participated in a mock date proposal to practice how to politely turn someone down. (“No, thanks.”)

… With free STD testing and countless free condoms lobbed down the stairwells of dorms across the country, there is doubtlessly more “safe sex.” But dental dams don’t protect feelings. I’m not talking here about sexual assault, but about sex of the consensual but haphazard variety.

Take the date party — a traditional rite of passage of [insert your favorite Greek letters here] — in which pairings are arranged through mutual friends. Everyone wants to get invited, but a girl will only be asked if she is all but certain to put out. Often times, a boy’s profile picture will be posted in a sorority-wide group text, with a comment along the lines of: “Who’s interested? His date party is this weekend.”

Then, a few texts will be exchanged between the duo. “What type of alcohol do you want?” and “The pregame starts at 8″ are among the vital logistical concerns. No one goes to date party to talk about their childhood dreams in a corner of a loud dance club or the basement of a frat….

Weiss goes much deeper into the dysfunctional chaos of what could be hypothetically described as post-feminist, post-sexual liberation, and perhaps post-moral relativist college culture. Weiss’s personal story is remarkably similar to that of the protagonist in Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, which I only recently got around to reading. (Great book, by the way.)

The sexual radicalization of our college campus bubble zones hasn’t led to the empowerment feminists had promised would follow if we put their ideology into action.

Weiss closes out her op-ed as follows:

It’s 2015, yet girls on campuses around the country are feeling more like the Pink Ladies from Grease waiting by the rotary phone rather than rabble-rousing champions of sexual liberation.

As a feminist, I ask: Is this the victory feminism imagined for itself?

Read the full piece here.


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