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Students With Different Takes on Socialism

The Sorbonne shut down in late November, after demonstrating students clashed with others trying to enter the campus, according to a Reuters report.

Students were striking across France to protest a law that gives universities more autonomy over their resources. Protesters fear the legislation will lead to – gasp! – the privatization of leading universities.

Student demonstrations last disrupted the country’s universities in 2006, to protest legislation that would give employers more leeway to fire young workers. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

At the same time, however, some socialist students in France have publicly admitted that reform (specifically reform of very generous pension policies) is needed. (Hudson Institute)

And then there are the many Venezuelan young people who are fleeing socialist strongman Hugo Chavez. Having come here to study in U.S. universities, they opt to stay as job opportunities disappear in Venezuela. (The New York Sun)


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