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Students Marked Down For ‘Sexist’ Language in Women’s Studies Class

George Orwell's 'Newspeak' is no longer fiction.

The evolution of politically correct language continues to unfold at our nation’s universities. The latest example hails from North Carolina State, where students will be marked down if they write “mankind” and other words deemed “sexist” in a women’s studies class.

The College Fix reports:

“Thanks to evolution, generalized pronouns and other biased references are no longer acceptable in any class,” the syllabus reads in a section on “Non-Sexist Language.”

“You may NOT use ‘he’ or ‘him’ or ‘man’ to refer to both men and women,” it continues. [The professor] tells students they can replace “mankind” with “humans” or “humankind,” and should write “she or he” instead of just “he,” though the syllabus is unclear on whether students should always lead with a female pronoun.

“Grades will be docked for sexist language in assignments,” the section concludes.

The rise of language hypersensitivity, and the left’s push to control what we say and how we say it, has made George Orwell’s fictional “Newspeak” come to life on campuses today.

Just last week the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion asked the campus community to use “gender-neutral pronouns” such as “ze, xe, xem, xyr, zirs and hirs.” Literally made up words. Campus Reform also recently reported that a women’s studies professor at Washington State University will punish students if they use “oppressive and hateful” speech or gendered pronouns.

These latest examples underscore the microaggression craze we’ve seen on campuses, where innocuous phrases such as “where are you from” have now been deemed offensive, and faculty leaders were warned not to say them.

A few years ago, the trend was to banish the term “illegal” when referencing students who are in the country illegally. In 2013, student leaders at UC Berkeley and UCLA did so.

All this amounts to a PC-ish enforcement of acceptable ways to speak and think. But conceding the language concedes the debate. 

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