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But Students Say She’s ‘Incredible’!

Last week, the Pope Center’s Jay Schalin wrote a piece about UNC Af-Am Studies professor Eunice Sahle. She was recently appointed to head the department after the scandal under the previous head. The trouble with Professor Sahle, he argued, is that she holds fast to a lot of very dubious ideas — the sort of ideas that help to impart a sense of grievance in students rather than to enlighten them.

That piece led to a considerable number of replies from students and former students, all defending Professor Sahle. In today’s Pope Center piece, we publish those replies, as well as a response from Schalin.

The problem with all of these identity studies programs is that they’re long on opinion and short on knowledge, often in fact telling students things that just aren’t so. Bruce Bawer’s recent book The Victims’ Revolution is an excellent examination of the mindset that pervades them. Wellesley professor Mary Lefkowitz wrote about her unpleasant encounters with scholars who wanted to indoctrinate students with false ideas in her book History Lesson. Professors who want to act as “change agents” can be very popular with students, but they usually are not in a position to know if they are being misled.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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