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Students Who Hate the Hook-up Culture

Random hook-ups, or spending every Friday night alone — for many students, those seem like the only romantic options in today’s college culture. But some students who want more out of their relationships are searching for ways to push back at the loveless landscape of the modern college campus.

Ian Tuttle of St. John’s College reports for The College Fix:

At Yale, there’s “Sex Week,” during which porn stars are welcomed to campus to demonstrate their craft. At Harvard, there’s Munch, a student club for BDSM enthusiasts. At North Carolina State University, there’s “Dirty Bingo,” replete with school-provided vibrators, dildos and edible underwear. . . .

Enter the Anscombe Society. Founded at Princeton University in 2005, the student organization is “dedicated to affirming the importance of the family, marriage, and a proper understanding for the role of sex and sexuality.”

. . . The organization is devoted to “cultivating an intellectual community” where issues of sexuality can be discussed with seriousness and openness.

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