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Suiting Up

The latest skirmish in the campus culture war is a lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defense Fund at Texas A&M. It seems the Texas Aggie Conservatives, a student organization, got tired of coming up empty when it was time to divvy up the activity funding. The school was supposed to disburse activity money on a “viewpoint neutral” basis. In practice, that means the “Vagina Monologues” get funding and a speech by conservative author Star Parker gets bubkis. Hence, the lawsuit.

This also brings up a little exchange that occurred on the Pope Center site a little while back about whether conservative student groups should sue to get their fair share from college activities funds or whether they should turn their backs on school funding and meet off-campus. Personally, I think the latter approach is a bit of an empty gesture. It may seem like an act of great integrity to go it alone, but doing so limits the potential to spread conservative ideas and to recruit students who don’t arrive on campus as die-hard conservatives or libertarians.


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