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On Summers and the Center

I agree with Steve Balch below that Summers could have used his situation to rally a sensible center that would not want to see freedom of thought and independent scholarship put at the feet of feminist political correctness. He could have, yes, but where were all the scientists and biologists and geneticists and endocrinologists and neuroscientists and developmental psychologists and so forth whose own work has revealed innate sex differences? Why didn’t they come to Summers’s aid on their own, in defense of the kind of work they are doing? Even the New York Times has carried stories about scientific research on differences between the sexes. They could at least have said that math and science capability may possibly have some relation to sex and that it is worth looking into or at least mentioning! That bothers me more than almost anything else about the Summers affair. If you want to know how things happened in Nazi Germany, you get a clue from this. If people are afraid to speak out on this, in our fortunate circumstances, imagine speaking out against a terror state.

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