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Supporting the Hookup Culture

Princeton and other universities actually encourage promiscuous sex and the ”hookup culture” by various programs supposedly designed to inform about date rape, “safe sex,” and the like, all premised on the idea that casual sex is the norm and that anyone who has a problem with it is a prude with hang-ups. Robert George and his co-author note that every kind of sexual proclivity is supported, often in graphic detail, by the counseling services of most universities, except the “desire to live chastely.” The “sexual health” offices provide “non-judgmental” advice on how to avoid pregnancy and disease while indulging every sexual appetite, but do not see any need to promote self-discipline and high moral standards, say the authors.
Here is a good example of how there is no such thing as non-judgmentalism. Not to judge something means to judge something else and to create implicit or explicit ”standards” by doing so. Promoting self-discipline and high or traditional moral standards would implicitly place judgment on opposite courses of  behavior. Plus, on what basis would administrators be able to impart such moral standards in the contemporary university? Nevertheless, the authors do right in bringing these issues forward for discussion.    

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