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Terrorist Recruiting: Mosques Out, Campuses In

From counterterrorist expert Olivier Guitta, writing in Weekly Standard about the British authorities’ less than vigorous action against extremist recruiting in the UK, which continues to “host a Who’s Who of dangerous Islamists”:

Since the bombings of 7/7, British authorities have clamped down on a few of the most vocal radical preachers…Yet proselytism is still going strong…Mosques are no longer the preferred recruiting ground, however, according to journalist Dominique Thomas: Prayer rooms, college campuses, and prisons have assumed that distinction.
The director of the London-based Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Patrick Sookhdeo–who predicted several years ago that the next wave of radical Islam in Britain would involve suicide bombings–is critical of British authorities…He envisions Islamic communities within Britain eventually forming a state within a state if the government does not stop making concessions to Islamist leaders…
[A]s long as extremist recruiters continue to operate more or less freely in the United Kingdom, Britain must be considered a potential source of danger to American security….

Let us take heed.