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Training a New Generation of Conservative Leaders

I arrived in Palm Desert, Calif., yesterday evening to participate in the Publius Fellowship program, sponsored by the Claremont Institute. The fellowship brings together about a dozen college seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students who are pursuing careers in journalism, politics, or academia for two weeks of intensive seminars on the American founding, the Constitution, and first principles of good government.

The seminars are led by a host of leading conservative scholars, including Thomas G. West, Harry Jaffa, and Charles R. Kelser, to name just a few. You can read more about the program here.

The Claremont Institute has been doing the important work of training and supporting young people through the Publius Fellowship for 30 years. Many leading journalists, authors, and scholars have passed through the program. Take a moment to check out all the other work they do, and their wonderful quarterly publication, the Claremont Review of Books — one of the most influential publications among intellectuals on the right.

Organizations like the Claremont Institute are doing vital work and deserve our attention and support.

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