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Truth in Advertising, the Higher Ed Version

The Wyden-Rubio bill, otherwise known as “Student Right to Know Before You Go Act” might be that rarest of all creatures — an act of Congress about higher education with potentially positive consequences. It might be that those consequences are unintentional, but even so it’s a bill worth watching. 

That’s George Leef’s take on Wyden-Rubio for the Pope Center Clarion Call. The bill is about transparency, mandating that schools provide prospective college students with enough information to make sensible decisions about their future. As George points out, Wyden-Rubio may very well give them enough information to make them reconsider college altogether and go get some vocational training. As such, it could be an antidote to the overselling of higher education that is now the rule. Right now, it’s still in committee, but it’s got a real shot at becoming law.

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