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Turning Holocaust into Hitler Remembrance

A Williams College student, Julia Cordray, has publicly acknowledged that she recently hung dozens of “Happy Birthday Hitler” posters on students’ doors. According to the Williams Record, the posters, which featured an image of a marijuana leaf, a picture of Adolf Hitler and the word “REMEMBER,” were meant to satirize earlier similarly designed Holocaust Remembrance Day posters.
Cordray offered no apology for what she called “a parody, and parody doesn’t work unless it shocks someone.” “I thought it’d be funny,” she said. 
Cordray was visited by this hilarious idea after reacting negatively to the Holocaust Remembrance Day posters that members of the Williams College Jewish Association (WCJA) had previously posted on students’ doors. “I felt afraid to take it off,” she said. “Some friends and I were talking about it, wondering if we were allowed to recycle this dead Jewish person someone put on our door.”
Maybe Cordray needs a basic history lesson about who did what to whom in World War II, or maybe all the vaunted sensitivity education today’s students receive slipped past her. Whatever her problem, it is sad to encounter such disgusting and twisted antics on a college campus.
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