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UD: The Mother of Jesus as Stripper

The University of Dallas, an orthodox Catholic school, hosted an art exhibition that included a print of Our Lady of Guadalupe dressed (or, rather, undressed) as a stripper. Although some students remonstrated, the sacrilegious “objet d’art” remained on view. Then along came a thief who purloined it. In the wake of these events, the university president has now come out in full force to condemn the thievery.

“Theft is sinful, and a crime,” Rod Dreher writes, “and it’s right of President Frank Lazarus to condemn it. Still, does the UD administration have its priorities straight? A Catholic university hosting a work of art depicting the Virgin Mary as a hoochie who takes her clothes off for money is tolerable? Really?
Moreover, Dreher asks, “does the UD student newspaper have its priorities straight? They wrote an entire long story about a theft, without ever mentioning what the stolen artwork depicted.”
I join Dreher in taking “the risk of being [called] a horribly judgmental prude who imposes his troglodytic views on sexuality on people” and so say: For shame, UD!
(Tip: Winfield Myers)


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