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U.K. Takes on Anti-Semitism on Campuses

The Guardian reports the British government is considering measures to confront anti-Semitism in the nation, especially in face of increasing attacks against Jews on college campuses from Islamist extremists and others.

Phil Woolas, the minister for communities and local government, cites “’increasing evidence of activities [on UK campuses that go] well beyond what could be labelled freedom of speech or normal youthful behaviour.’” For example, the government proposes to provide funding for 6,000 students to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.
And what say the British professors’ representative organization, known more for evasion of contentious issues than the courage of conviction? True to form, its president, Professor Drummond Bone, fence-sits, commenting, “Universities are already playing an active part in strengthening community cohesion.”
Let us hope that whatever the government in fact initiates makes it harder to dismiss the rebirth of anti-Semitism on Western campuses and elsewhere in Western society – all the while preserving freedom of speech.


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