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UK Undergraduate Education Lags Behind

Reform, a British think-tank, finds the UK turning out fewer college graduates in tough fields such as science, math, and health than most other developed nations — and many students, labeled the “X-factor” generation, are dropping out upon finding courses too difficult or graduating with worthless “Mickey Mouse” degrees.

The Reform’s report, according to the Telegraph, follows another recent study by the National Union of Students claiming that students enrolled in some programs, such as sociology and media studies, did a third of the work required of medical undergraduates.

Among other factors, researchers blamed an over-bureaucratic education system that “spoonfeeds” many younger students, that is, makes then too dependent on tutors, teachers, careers advisers, and government recommendations.

Here we have yet another example of a massive education system geared largely to serving education special interests and producers, not students and the public. 


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