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The UK’s Multiculti Universities

In a recent speech, Prime Minister David Cameron called for an end to the official multicultural doctrine and policies that have held sway in Britain since the 1960s.

His address is one of several recent, encouraging efforts by European leaders to awaken the supine West to the role of such policies in indoctrinating young Muslims in radical Islam, and thus greasing the path for some of them, as the New York Times notes, to move to ”the next level,” namely, terrorism.

According to congressional testimony, these militants pose a grave threat to European and U.S. security. The UK, according to a leading antiterrorist expert, has become “a safe haven” for terrorists. MI5, the British domestic intelligence service, follows numerous possible terrorist schemes at any given time and estimates that as many as 2,000 Muslims in Britain are involved in terrorist cells.

Thus the UK, Cameron urges, has to practice much less “hands-off, passive tolerance” and a great deal “more active, muscular liberalism,” such as by

barring “preachers of hate” from visiting Britain to speak in mosques and community centers; stopping Muslim groups that propagate views hostile to values of gender equality, democracy and human rights “from reaching people in publicly funded institutions like universities and prisons”; and cutting off government support for such groups.

Whereas one must be wary of the consequences of government-ordained hate speech, it is suicidal for the West to use taxpayers’ funds to sustain groups dedicated to its destruction. In the words of Anthony Daniels:

Many Muslims want to be absorbed seamlessly into British life; others want the imposition of sharia law, flirt with terrorism, and demand censorship of views that they find distasteful. There is no reason for anyone to make any accommodation whatsoever with the latter.

Kudos to PM Cameron. May he persevere and prevail in this vital campaign.


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