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UN Education, not US Education

Here’s an interesting piece on International Baccalaureate schools. An important element of IBO programs is contained in its curricular statement:

IBO insists that its beliefs and values form the core of the IB curriculum. IBO calls its curriculum “the best possible curriculum to be enjoyed by all who participate.” What is this curriculum? The same paragraph in which IBO claims to have the “best possible curriculum” also clarifies that the essence of the IB curriculum is teaching students “those human values which are recognized as universal; these are embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, [as stated in Article 26] adopted and proclaimed by the General assembly of the United Nations in 1948″ [A CONTINUUM OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION,” published by IBO, p. 10, all emphasis in the original].

This commits IBO schools to promoting UN perspectives that the US has squarely rejected. The article lists some discrepancies:
How different are the American creed and the IBO-UNESCO creed? The following table in the article lists some of the differences:

                                         UN-IBO        US

Right to bear arms                     No        Yes

No double jeopardy                    No        Yes

Church & state separation          No        Yes

Limited government                    No        Yes

Reserved powers                       No         Yes

Natural law recognition               No         Yes