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The Unconscious and Intellectuals, Islamists, Elections, Group Fantasy and Human Sacrifice

Treat yourself to a break from the quotidian and read this dazzling blog by psychiatrist Robert Godwin, who weaves together all these themes. Excerpts: 

One of Freud’s central discoveries was that the unconscious mind operates along the lines of an entirely different kind of logic than does the conscious mind. Among other things, it is timeless, in the sense that various enduring complexes and fixations operate outside the personal will and repeat themselves in an ultimately self-defeating way.
…the job of the ego is simply to rationalize and spin a sort of false continuity over the various inconsistencies that result from vertical splits within the unconscious mind. This is why most people are so patently illogical, in particular, intellectuals. Furthermore, this explains why no one is so prone to illusions and magic than the intellectual, as they are like someone who…superimposes a grid of knowledge (k) over the noumenal reality (O), and then confuses the map with the territory. There is no idea so foolish that it is not taught at one of our elite universities.
…However, things will go seriously awry if you merely loosen the bonds of the ego and wade into the unconscious unawares, for you may well simply open the gates of hell, as the history of religion often demonstrates. In reality, the Islamists are hardly “religious.” Rather, they are “unconscious”…we are in a triangulated global war between three ideologies, two of which are naively steeped in unconscious fantasy (Islamism and secular leftism). While everyone is subject to unconscious motivations, the classical liberalism of American conservatism is rooted in a far more realistic vision of human nature than any of its competitors.

How does all this relate to the recent election, “lethal” group fantasies driven by irrational anxiety and fear, the madness wrought by multiculturalism, Israel, the thriving economy, Nancy Pelosi, President Bush and “ritual slaying of the divine king,” and magic? Delve further into Godwin’s ruminations on the unconscious and find out.


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