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How a Leftist Wants to “Get it Right” on Campus Sexual Assault

On Minding the Campus, KC Johnson has another one of his sharp pieces about the blatant unfairness of the procedures being foisted on colleges to handle allegations of sexual assault.

In this one, he reflects on a Chronicle article about a recent gathering to deal with the problem of sexual assault. In it, author Sarah Brown declared that she was determined “to get this right,” but both the article and the event were blatantly one-sided. Johnson wonders, “Why would a federally-funded organization, amidst a conference that wanted to ‘get this right’ hear only from those involved on one side of the process?”

No one bothered to invite anyone from FIRE or any other group interested in civil liberties. Evidently, the proponents of draconian federal rules on this are about as interested in debate as are the climate change zealots who constantly declare that the issue is “settled.”

Johnson also reveals that federal money has gone into a firm that does “training” for college officials, training that instructs them to “start by believing” the accuser and avoid reporting any inconsistencies in her story.

All of that reveals the same mindset as in the Duke lacrosse case, which Johnson covered with such determination for years on this blog.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.


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