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U.S.-Based Student Group Supports Hamas Terror Labs

The Jerusalem Post recently reported that Israeli aircraft bombed suspected Hamas terror laboratories located at the Hamas-run Islamic University of Gaza (IUG). Professors at the campus, the Post claims, had been using this science and technology facility to build explosives for the terrorist organization.

What has so far gone unremarked, writes Patrick Poole, is that the IUG labs were financed and constructed with the assistance of the Dublin, Ohio-based Arab Student Aid International (ASAI). Indeed, the IUG website has a page dedicated to ASAI’s ongoing contributions to the Hamas institution.

In a previously published article, Poole exposed ASAI’s extensive financial ties to the IUG. He also points out that the organization’s main benefactor is Prince Turki Ben Abdul Aziz, a former high-ranking Saudi government official and half-brother to King Abdullah.

One trusts that Israel’s present war against Hamas causes our law-enforcement officials to further investigate and dismantle what Poole descrives as Hamas’s “extensive” support system in the U.S. This effort must include determining the extent to which ASAI has been financing and building Hamas’ IUG terror labs.

Candace de Russy — Candace de Russy is a nationally recognized expert on education and cultural issues.

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